Human Tide

Human Tide More than 120,000 migrants have arrived by boat to Italy this year. But what happens next? This report hears the refugees' personal stories, as they realise their journey to a new life in Europe has only just begun.
"Where can we go? Shall I put on wings and fly?" asks Riad desperately. He's one of the many people fleeing Syria to have reached Milan railway station, escaping war for a treacherous journey via Libya into Italy. The station is the crossroads where they must make decisions that could shape the rest of their lives. Mohammed and fellow refugee Alaa want to reach the UK, but many others have their sights on France and Germany. Volunteers coordinated by the local government do what they can to organise the influx, but they're frustrated by Europe's chaotic response. "Every time that a boat capsizes, and hundreds of people die, they wake up and say 'oh, we have a problem'."

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