Naziha's Spring

The moving story of one woman's Herculean efforts to keep her family

Naziha's Spring Having been married off to a violent older man as a young woman, Naziha has spent the years since she threw him out trying to repair the damage he inflicted on their 10 children. Constant encounters with the police, social services, and a disapproving community have only strengthened her resolve. Naziha's Spring is the inspirational tale of one woman and her tireless struggle to provide the best for her children, and herself, in the face of overwhelming odds.

Tears run down Naziha's cheeks as she describes how her husband treated her children. Stripped to the waist, the children were forced to fight, often drawing blood, but never allowed to cry. "I called our place a training camp. A terrorist training camp". She is not surprised that many of her 9 sons have ended up violent, angry, and criminal. "Children don't behave badly for no reason at all. We make them what they are".

With her family so notorious as to appear on the news, Naziha had no choice but to seek help from the authorities. But she was not prepared for what was to follow as agency after agency tried to break her family apart. "Child welfare coming into our family was basically my salvation". Having spent years standing by as her brutal husband abused their children, it was only their imminent loss that ignited her passion. "I only became strong when I had to fight for my children".

As her older children have moved out, and the younger ones have benefited from a stable home life, Naziha seems to finally be reaching the normal and serene life she had hoped for. She is active, sharing her experiences of the welfare system with others to prepare them. She has begun to help in the community, liaising with social services for a vulnerable older neighbour, and seeking out a dentist who will treat illegal immigrants.

But just as everything is coming together, disaster strikes. One of her sons has been implicated in the brutal, and ultimately tragic, attack of an official at a children's football match. Will she able to hold her family, and herself, together in the face of such a crushing setback?

Naziha's Spring is both a touching, personal story of a person battling circumstance, and an insightful exploration of the role of the family and state in rearing children.

Laurel Audience Award - IDFA 2014

The Producers

Documentary filmmaker Gülşah Doğan (1975) studied journalism, her main subject being television. She started her career working as a television director and later on she specialized more and more in making documentary films about subjects that move her. As a daughter of Kurdish migrants from Turkey she was born and raised in Holland. Recurring themes in her films are equality, strength of women and empowerment. In 2010 she made her first feature length documentary (83 minutes) called ‘Winter of Love’. It won in 2011 in Berlin ‘The Prix Europa Award’ in the category ‘Iris’ for the best multicultural film in Europe. Apart from this film Gülsah is also working as a director for multiple television programmes (Vals Plat / Gonzo / City Folk), mostly for the Dutch public broadcaster NTR.

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