Wild Flower

An intimate and eye-opening profile of one of Albania's last sworn virgins

Wild Flower Lule Bib Luka is one of the last of her kind - the burrnesha of Albania - sworn virgins who reject a conventional women's life to take a male role. Lule has devoted years to caring for her paternal lands and livestock in Albania's rugged mountains. Now in her seventies, after the rest of her family have either died or left their homeland, she decides to move to the city. This crafted doc captures the death of tradition in the face of modernity.

Laurel Best Debut Film - DocuTiff 2016
Laurel Best Feature Documentary - FerFilm 2016

The Producers

Fathia Bazi is a filmmaker and musician. She has won an El Hizjra literature prize for her prose work and recorded music with a known Dutch Label Excelsior Recordings. For her debut documentary Wild Flower she won best Debut at the Tirana International Documentary Festival. After studying journalism, she worked for Dutch broadcasters NTR, Omroep Brabant, and Migrant Television Netherlands as an editor, web coordinator, and reporter. She has also made several productions for internet projects including “New WE”. Ever since she finished her education Fathia wanted to make her own documentary abroad. And with the Albanian WILD FLOWER that dream has come true. She is currently working under her company name Bluetone Stories. Which is open for special journalistic projects with a social character and music composing and performance.

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