Ex Dominatrix: A True Story

Kink, power-play and a tragic secret: meet the dominatrix who's done it all

Ex Dominatrix: A True Story Ira was the ultimate mistress. Fetishists from all over the world sought her out as she became one of Europe’s most popular dominatrices. She was artistic, perverted, sadistic, and an icon in the fetish world – until one fateful session changed everything, sending Ira’s life spiralling in a new direction. This surprising documentary travels an unexpected journey from Europe to India, from shocking events to spiritual awakening.

When Ira became a dominatrix in her thirties, the controlling tendencies she had had all her life made her perfect for the job. She was soon one of the most extreme dominatrices in Europe. Charismatic and creative, she was invited to perform at fetish parties, had clients from all over the world, and became a BDSM icon. She installed a studio in her home, a hidden, castle-like building in the woods. “It was like entering another world”, describes one of her former clients. Her ‘slaves’ describe her as a friend, first and foremost. They refer to her as nurturing, kind, and “never, ever careless”. She “beat me within an inch of my life – very respectfully, and absolutely joyfully”, recalls one man.

Yet Ira’s world was turned upside down on the 22nd June 2010, when a British billionaire client died in one of her sessions. She had worked as a dominatrix for eleven years with no incidents, but the press seized on the scandal of a man being “dominated to death”, and Ira’s career was ruined. Her daughter, to whom she was extremely close, did everything she could to help her mother’s case. After two weeks in prison, a police reconstruction of the incident convinced the authorities to let her go, but the death of her client was only the beginning of her ordeal.

Mourning the death of her friend and branded a murderer by journalists, Ira’s health declined rapidly. A spiritual experience in Mexico and a new start in India helped her to recover and heal. She began teaching yoga in Goa, helping people like she did before, but with a new kind of ceremony.

A verdict on the murder case was finally reached in 2013, years after the death of Ira’s client. Having already lost her home and her source of income in the wake of the incident, her five-year sentence was postponed by the judge. Returning to India, Ira has found comfort in Buddhism, but she remains true to herself. she took the Buddhist vow to never kill, lie, or steal, but did not promise to give up sex and intoxication just yet. “I can’t do it because my body is meant for, is built for sin”, she says with a smile.

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The Producers

Darren Cavanagh: Director/Producer

British born director, producer, scriptwriter, editor and photographer Darren Cavanagh has worked in mainstream film marketing and advertising for 23 years as a creative director on over 2500 major international campaigns for a wide variety of releases including, Kill Bill I & II , The Hunger Games and Senna . Ex-DOMINATRIX: A true story is his first full-length documentary for commercial release. Darren has worked on marketing campaigns with some high profile directors and actors in the film industry including Quentin Tarantino, Matt Damon, Daniel Day Lewis, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Danielle Fautrat: Co-Producer

Journalist by training, independent documentary filmmaker by passion, and producer by vocation, Danielle brings over 20 years of factual television production experience to the table, having worked on global primetime projects for Channel 4, ITV, Channel 5, and France 2 to name a few. Ex-DOMINATRIX: A true story is her first collaborative work with Darren

Making The Film

After an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the final stages of production, Cavanagh’s first feature-length project was originally slated for release in autumn 2016.
But having already spent five years and a lot of his own money on it, the director was loath to put it out before he could finance some additional polishing to achieve the final quality he really wanted.

His determination to create a film with high cinematic production values (including a great soundtrack by Noko) means Ex-Dominatrix: A True Story has impressed regular cinema audiences and also done well in the documentary sections of serious film festivals.

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