Sea of Sorrow, Sea of Hope

One woman's experience of fleeing the Syrian civil war

Sea of Sorrow, Sea of Hope As the Syrian civil war falters, more and more families must decide between the dangers faced at home and the perilous journey to Europe. For young families, this journey is especially dangerous.
After her comfortable life was interrupted by civil war, Manal left Syria for Europe to seek a better life for her family. She went alone, hoping her family could join afterwards. “All the way to Turkey, I am crying. Because I leave my kids. But the journey is too dangerous for them.” Yet as the war escalated, the danger Manal’s children faced in Syria meant the journey to Europe became their only option. Travelling by sea, Manal's son Karam feared that they would drown. ”We capsized. But lucky us. A fishing boat rescued us.” Despite now being safe in Denmark, Karam wants to return home. ”After mum came to Denmark, we followed her...But when are we going home?”

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