The Migrant Burden

Migrants continue to brave the crossing into Europe, even as disillusionment with their prospects set in

The Migrant Burden For many migrants, Italy is the gateway to Europe. But the country is struggling to cope with the surge in their numbers. As the authorities crack down, life for the migrants is more precarious than ever.
“We came to Europe to study, for our future, we didn’t come to escape a quick death for a slow death.” For Ali, a migrant from Sudan, Europe promised a better life. Yet Ali’s dream is becoming a nightmare. He landed in Italy hoping to reach northern Europe. Yet security at Italy’s borders has intensified, increasing the risk that migrants are returned. As Italy struggles to cope with the numbers, their services for migrants are increasingly poor. “Here in Italy we miss a lot of things” Ali says, “education, health, and psychological comfort.” For Hamda Ahmed, Europe is not what she’d hoped: “I thought all the people had money, a car, good houses, a really good life. It’s not how I imagined it.”

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