Rohingya Exodus

Can Bangladesh continue refugee support as Rohingya crisis continues?

Rohingya Exodus Over 600,000 Rohingya have fled widespread atrocities in Myanmar, seeking sanctuary in Bangladesh. As they continue to face persecution, what does their future hold in one of the world's poorest countries?
"In my country, when the military comes, we leave everything at home and just run", says Hasina, a Rohingya refuge who managed to evade the horrors of persecution at home. The mostly Muslim minority in Myanmar have faced persecution for generations, but an armed Rohingya response last August led to a brutal crackdown by the country’s military. Now Hasina cradles her ill baby in a camp in Bangladesh, which is struggling to house over half a million Rohingya refugees. "We want to find out why this exodus is happening", says Myanmar's de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, apparently in denial over the litany of Myanmarese atrocities. Sitting in a makeshift shelter in Bangladesh, the journey for 19-year-old Mujibur and his family of 14 looks far from over. "If there are no rights here, we will go wherever we can find rights, even if we die along the way."

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