Another Nightmare

Montenegro's tense time on the precipice of war

Another Nightmare Nobody wants to see the tiny state of Montenegro follow in the bloody footsteps of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and most recently, Kosovo. But watching the Montenegrin army prepare for combat against Milosevic's loyalists recalls images of the other Balkan wars.
Montenegro is one of only two remaining republics in Yugoslavia. The tell-tale signs of Westernisation are everywhere, from watching the Deutschmark being traded as the official currency, to Western-influenced clothing in shop stores. But the massive political rift between Milosevic and Djukanovic supporters is splitting the people and muddying the path to independence. Milosevic has barricaded borders and made it difficult to even get food and medicine into Montenegro. President Djukanovic desperately seeks support for his troops, and confides to us that he may look to the Yugoslav army. This potentially dangerous manoeuvre will pit countrymen against each other, the outcome of which is totally unpredictable. They may be enticed by Milosevic's promises of glory, or stay loyal to a battle that has been only recently fought by four other Balkan states.

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