The Chancellor vs The Grandmothers

A broad coalition face off against Sebastian Kurz and his support base

The Chancellor vs The Grandmothers The world's youngest head of government has some of the world's oldest opponents. This report follows the ongoing opposition to Sebastian Kurz' right-wing policies, joining the elderly movement out on the streets.
“We’re living in times of crisis in Austria", says Maria Moritz, a grandmother protesting Austrian government policies that she says prey on the vulnerable. Many of Sebastian Kurz’s supporters, on the other hand, are pleased with the chancellor’s closed-borders immigration strategy. "We live in a promised land", says financial adviser Michael Artacker. "We want it to be preserved like this for our children." But it’s not just immigrants who are facing hostility. T-Ser, a black Austrian rapper whose video of police harassment went viral, says Austrian voters are pushing out minorities. “Austria is to remain a white country.”

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