Britain's Ultra Nationalists

Meet Britain’s Far-Right Extremists

Britain's Ultra Nationalists The Far Right is on the march. With an uncertain future before us, Britain’s political landscape is unstable, and violence is on the rise. The combination of Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency has empowered the Ultra Nationalist cause, leaving communities more divided than ever. Journalist Aran Tori is on a mission to track down these Far-Right Extremists and get to the bottom of what drives their hatred.

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Reviews and More

‘Britain’s Ultra Nationalists’ unpicks the minds of some of the most significant leaders of this movement and sheds light onto the personal justifications they tell themselves within their own homes.” – Isabella Gaffarena - Foreign Policy News

Extreme Right-Wing Groups Groom YoungstersResisting Hate

The Producers

Aran Tori - Director

Aran Tori is charismatic and engaging, with valuable knowledge of social issues, gained from his research on human behaviour and experience working in hostile environments including gang warfare in Manchester, the refugee crisis in Greece and suppression of women's freedoms in Iran.

Aran has a mix of curiosity and empathy with how characteristics and views are shaped, presenting a balance of sharp questioning with a friendly approach in his encounters.

His inquisitive attitude is driven through exploring subcultures, controversial characters and getting deep into conversations with those who have different worldviews.

Making The Film

Aran Tori said: “I was nervous stepping into the world of ultra nationalists but intrigued to know how the radicals ended up down this road”.

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