A Path Through The Alps

Migrants risk ever more to get to western Europe

A Path Through The Alps A new law passed in 2018 under Italy's populist government has been pushing migrants out. An estimated 10,000 migrants have attempted to cross into France, taking a treacherous route through the Alps.
”Sometimes they go without proper winter clothing, or without having ever seen snow before,” says Paolo Narcisi. “We fear many have died in the process.” Under Italy's new anti-migrant law, asylum will be grated only to migrants fleeing political persecution or war. Amid growing racism and persecution, many migrants hope to make a new home in France. But the only way to get there undetected is through the rugged terrain of the Alps. For Alihge Soso the risk is worth it; he hopes for employment in France and plans to use his future earnings to help his sister, who lives in Gambia. “If I make it, because [of] how happy I [will be], I want to make her happy also."

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