On the frontline of Hong Kong's fight for democracy

Rebellion As the 'one country two systems' policy in Hong Kong has slowly eroded, resentment among the territory's citizens has steadily grown. What began as a series of spontaneous protests against an extradition law in March 2019 has now escalated in to a full-blown popular uprising that shows no signs of abating. ABC Four Corners reports from the frontline of the action, capturing extraordinary footage of the growing tension and violence.
"We are Hong Kongers. We aren’t Mainlanders. With the Chinese CCP trying to take over our country or our city, we will be against them for everything. Including our life”, says an unnamed protester. Fourteen weeks ago, protesters railed against an extradition law allowing for criminal suspects to be deported to mainland China.“I'm more scared about losing the freedom. So, getting arrested isn't that scary compared to losing freedom to China”, says a protester named Tom. In July, protesters broke into Hong Kong’s legislature, a turning point for the movement.“The words that were spray painted on it in Chinese were, ‘You have taught us that peaceful action is not effective.’ And I think many people believe that”, says author and journalist, Louisa Lim.

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