Police Killing

A shocking investigation of police homicides in Rio de Janeiro

Police Killing On the outskirts of the city, a car is riddled with bullet holes, some the size of a fist. You’d think it was a gangland shooting, but these bullets were fired by the police, and the passengers were unarmed teenagers. In Rio de Janeiro, more than 16, 000 civilians have been killed in police operations over the past twenty years, all in the name of self-defense. This powerful and disturbing film follows the mothers of these victims as they fight for justice against a corrupt and brutal system.

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Auto de Resistência (2018) on IMDb

LaurelÉ Tudo Verdade – Festival Internacional de Documentários - Best Feature Brazilian Documentary
LaurelIDFA International Festival - Indicated to Humans RIghts Awards
Laurel Humans Fest - Official Selection
Laurel Buenos Aires International Film Festival - Official Selection
Laurel Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival - Official Selection
LaurelBrésil en Mouvement - Official Selection
LaurelForum Doc BH - Official Selection
LaurelCine Migrante - Official Selection

Reviews and More

...its aim is to expose the injustices of a system that couldn’t care less about the lives of poor, black kids scraping a living in the favelas.” – Modern Times Review

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The Producers

Natasha Neri - Director

Natasha Neri is a journalist, filmmaker, Master in Anthropology, researcher in the areas of Criminal Justice and Human Rights. She is director, along with Lula Carvalho, of the documentary "Auto de Resistência” (2018). She has studied police killings for the last 10 years, including co-authoring the book "When the Police Kills: Homicides by ‘Autos de Resistência’ in Rio de Janeiro (2001-2011)", Booklink, Rio de Janeiro.

Lula Carvalho

Lula Carvalho (Brazil), his career begins in the resumption of Brazilian cinema at the end of the 90s. Son of Walter Carvalho and nephew of Vladimir Carvalho, the cinema has been present in his life from the very beginning. As director of photography is recognized by Tropa de Elite, Robocop, Ninja Turtles and the series Narcos among other productions. He is co-director of the documentary Auto de Resitência (Letal), best documentary É tudo verdade 2018 that will be screened at DocMontevideo’s Documentary Week 2019.

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