Covid19 Vaccine : One Hell of a Dose

Covid19 Vaccine : One Hell of a Dose Across the world, scientists are working to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. Almost 150 projects stand in competition. With demand to far outstrip supply, and vocal anti-vax sceptics getting in the way, the vaccine race runs a complex course.
Vaccine demand is huge. The US government has already reserved 100 million Pfizer vaccine doses. 'Each country has the responsibility to ensure access to the vaccine for its people', explains Virginia Masserey, tasked with the job of selecting which vaccines to reserve. But despite countries' efforts to pre-order vaccines, this does not guarantee quick access. 'We can't guarantee, on a large scale, the ten billion doses that will be required for a first vaccination campaign,' explains immunologist Professor Giuseppe Pantaleo. But while governments optimistically await the day when vaccinations are available, some individuals are deeply concerned about the safety of the vaccine. 'I'm not anti-vaccine, but this one they're preparing for us, it's a bomb', claims one coronavirus vaccine sceptic.

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