The Battleground State of Pennsylvania

Why are democrats turning away from the party?

The Battleground State of Pennsylvania In Pennsylvania, many democrats have decided to vote for Trump. In the wake of political protests that have swept the country, they feel that only under the incumbent President will law and order prevail .
'They hate Trump, but they're gonna vote for him. The democratic party that we grew up being part of no longer exists', explains Ed Harry, an ex-democrat and respected trade union leader. He believes that riots and protests are out of control, and that democrats are to blame. Ed is not alone in his sentiments. 'Burning police cars, breaking their windows, assaulting officers. How's that peaceful protesting?', asks another Pennsylvanian who has turned against the Democrats, swayed by Trump's tough position on law and order. Police, too, support Trump, discouraged by their belief that Democrats will defund the police. 'Every officer I spoke to in this area [is] supporting Donald Trump', states one officer.

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