Still Standing

Tracing the divided history of an ancient province

Still Standing As the homeland of the Indus-Valley Civilization, the Sindh region of Pakistan is one of the cradles of human civilisation. It was also the only region of Pakistan left undivided by the Partition of 1947. That same year, the Sindhi Diaspora emerged, when Sindhi Hindus fled Pakistan for India. A character-driven documentary exploring the life and culture of the Sindhi, one of the oldest and least known civilisations in the world.

 Still Standing
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The Producers

Mirko Pincelli - Director/Cinematographer
Mirko Pincelli is an award-winning feature and documentary director andcinematographer with a strong background as a photojournalist. Mirko has directed four
feature documentaries, one documentary series and a feature film along with numerous
short documentaries and commercials. His films have been screened at over 50 film
different film festivals including Academy Award qualifiers, and distributed internationally.
Mirko has worked extensively in the Balkans for the last 15 years and he shot and
directed an extensive number of documentaries for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust,
UN and The International Red Cross (ICRC) across Cambodia, The Philippines, Indonesia,
India, Pakistan and the Middle East. He runs Pinch Media Film Ltd. based in Hong Kong,
London and Italy together with producers Enrico Tessarin and Winnie Wong.

Making The Film

Director and cinematographer Mirko Pincelli filming in Pakistan.

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