Operation Wolf Patrol

One man's battle to end wolf hunting in the States

Operation Wolf Patrol Eco-activist Rod Coronado has made it his life's mission to advocate for the planet and the rights of animals. In 2014 he formed Wolf Patrol, an activist group which fights to end hunting of the grey wolves that roam Wisconsin’s forests. After 30 years of radical environmental action, which earned him the label 'eco-terrorist' and spells in prison, this intimate documentary follows Rod's journey to redefine his activism.


LaurelOfficial Selection | Thin Line Film Fest 2021

LaurelOfficial Selection | MKE Film Festival 2021

LaurelOfficial Selection | Livable Planet Film Festival 2021

 Operation Wolf Patrol
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The Producers

Joe Brown - Director

Joe Brown is a filmmaker and educator based at the University of Denver. His work focuses on the environment, wildlife, and the way human beings interact with nature. Joe's documentary films have screened around the world at venues such as: The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, the Berkshire International Film Festival, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, and at Ethnografilm in Paris. Brown has produced work for groups such as, The National Waterkeeper Alliance, the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, and Project Coyote. Joe lives in Denver, Colorado and spends as much time in the mountains as possible.

Making The Film

Director's Statement

“Operation Wolf Patrol” represents 5+ years of filming in Wisconsin’s north woods. In making the film my main concern was the hunting and poaching of wolves, but I quickly learned that there were bigger issues at hand. Hound hunting, or the hunting of many game animals with dogs, is prominent in Wisconsin. My film, “Operation Wolf Patrol,” is a portrait of an area in America’s Midwest that calls animal cruelty, “tradition.” The film also provides an overview of Wisconsin’s “Hunter Harassment” law and the state’s attempt to ban photography on public lands.

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