Lebanon's Supercharged Corruption

Lebanon's economy is on life support

Lebanon's Supercharged Corruption After a year of protests, the fall of several governments, and the explosion in the Port of Beirut, Lebanon’s economy is on life support. At the heart of the country's financial troubles is deep corruption.
This film investigates the rot in Lebanon's power industry, long believed to be overwhelmed by rampant corruption. It reveals the secret connections between politicians, judges, state officials, private companies and businessmen, and unearths a corrupt practice that's had catastrophic effects. We show how contractors have been shipping fuel contaminated with water, excessive sediments and chemical waste to the electricity power stations. The bad fuel damages the generators, leading to chronic cuts in power supply. The film also reveals the exceptionally high incidence of cancers among people living close to Lebanon's two biggest power stations, and examines possible links to carcinogenic pollution created by the contaminated fuel.

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