A Portrait on the Search for Happiness

The story of the former diamond-diving village of Port Nolloth in South Africa

A Portrait on the Search for Happiness Three diamond diggers in South Africa are searching for the precious stone that will change their future forever. In their pursuit of happiness and prosperity, a story ignored by the media unfolds.

'A film in grandiose images and very close to its protagonists speculating poetically around human nature - as well as the power of our dreams.'

Jan Sebening, Dok.Fest München

'A Portrait on the Search for Happiness juxtaposes elegant cinematography and sensitive storytelling with raw truths about today’s South Africa.'

Encounters International South African Documentary Film Festival

'A heart-warming journey of hope, resilience and the will of overcoming.'

Zubenathi Malothana, Callsheet Africa
A desert bordered by a deep cold sea. A torn landscape which hides the purest diamonds on earth deep beneath it. Digging for these diamonds with bare hands day and night, are young men on the frontier of a new diamond rush in South Africa. Hope beckons for the previously drug addicted Vianey who yearns for a better life. Nelson Mandela’s dream urges the homeless cook Patrick on into this new, hopeful future. Only George, the diamond diver, who once was a millionaire, is still hanging on to his memories of a bygone time. A poetic journey through the desert, the wind and the sand.

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