Line of Life

Every new line led him closer to death, but it was also what kept him alive

Line of Life Miloš Bajić was brought to the infamous Mauthausen concentration camp in the autumn of 1944, right after he began art school in Belgrade. Registered as prisoner 106621, with a note that said RETURN UNDESIRABLE, he secretly drew the crimes committed in the camp and every movement of the prisoners. He hid his drawings, knowing that he would be shot if they were found.

 Linija zivota
(2019) on IMDb


LaurelGolden Remy Award 2019- WorldFest Huston Film Festival.
LaurelAward for the Best Documentary film 2019- Association of Film Artist of Serbia.
LaurelSelected for the EFA Documentary Film Selection of annual Awards of European Film Academy of 2020.

The Producers

Darko Bajić- Director

Darko Bajić was born in 1955 in Belgrade. He graduated in film and television directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, where he has been teaching film and TV directing since 1986. He was elected full professor in 2003.

Darko Bajić won numerous awards at various national and international film and theater festivals. He is also one of the founders of the Film Center Serbia, a member of the first board of directors and a president of the Board of directors from 2012 to 2014.
He is also founder of LIFFE Film Directing Festival in Leskovac, of which he has been the artistic director for the last ten years.

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