Channel Migrants: A Last Resort

Despite recent tragedy, migrants continue to make the perilous journey.

Channel Migrants: A Last Resort As Parliament prepares to vote on a bill which would criminalize asylum seekers entering the UK without visas, many migrants in France are undeterred and determined to attempt the perilous crossing.
Mohamed was one of two survivors from the shipwreck which killed 27 migrants. The boat started taking on water after a few hours. Within 30 minutes it had capsized. 'The water was so cold. I saw people die in front of my eyes, children as young as 5, a pregnant woman', says Mohamed. Those yet to attempt the crossing live in makeshift camps, with frequent visits from the police. Every two days, tents are confiscated despite freezing winter weather. Kawa is determined to cross, no matter the cost: 'We are already dead, look how we are living', he says. In the UK, authorities are preparing to bring in new measures, such as "push backs", to return migrant boats to French waters. Kim Bryan, from the Channel Rescue organisation, is worried: 'It's an absolute endangerment of human life'.

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