Birds of a Feather

The identical twins caring for Australia's injured seabirds

Birds of a Feather Identical twins Paula and Bridgette Powers, known collectively as 'Twinnies', run a large rescue and rehabilitation centre for seabirds injured on Australia's Sunshine Coast. Their mother estimates that the pair have cared for over 25,000 birds over the years, and despite never having been formally trained as vets, they have gained renown from those in the animal rescue industry. They met Steve Irwin before he died when he was called out to help them rescue a turtle: "Steve had a skill for being able to recognise special things that people might have," says his father Bob Irwin. "And he would have recognised that they were two young ladies who would be of great benefit to the zoo and also to wildlife in general. He would have known."
When twins Paula and Bridgette Powers encountered Steve Irwin while trying to save a sea turtle, they realised conservation was their calling. 'I have seen the Twinnies perform miracles. I've seen birds mended', says wildlife carer Claire Smith. Suffering from ill health themselves, the twins’ passion has helped them cope: 'we try and forget all about the health issues. When you love something so much it's easy', says Paula.

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