Section 298

A minority community in Pakistan fights for survival and justice

Section 298 Illegal by birth and persecuted to death, a minority community in Pakistan fights for survival and justice within a system that denies and threatens their existence. Told through the eyes of three persecuted female Ahmadiyya, Section 298 unveils the realities of life under Pakistan's deadliest law.
Section 298 of the Pakistan Penal code openly allows prosecution, imprisonment and death for those who identify as Ahmadi Muslims, a minority Islamic movement in Pakistan. Since 2010 over 200 Ahmadi Muslims have been killed inside their mosques by suicide bombs and vigilante mobs. ‘There were threats written on the walls of our rooms, saying “we will kill you”’, says a doctor who was expelled from medical school for her religion. Ahmadiyya's are restricted from working, voting, owning a passport or declaring themselves as Muslim. ‘It’s like a constant trauma’, says one Ahmadi woman. ‘They think it’s a kind of reward, killing Ahmadi people’, says another. Section 298 takes us into the heart of the Pakistani Ahmadi community as they fight to keep their families, community and traditions alive.

The Producers

Directors James Dann and Mahshad Afshar at a screening of Section 298 at the Frontline Club, London.

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