Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan

Beyond Genghis Khan

Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan Mongolia: for most of us, it brings to mind Genghis Khan's mighty empire. But in the present day, there is also a rich culture in the nation that grew from the ashes of Genghis Khan's triumphs, and a complex history aside from the bloodshed and conquest. A stunning cinematic view of the country's past and present, from the remarkable evolution of the Mongol Empire to intimate portraits of today’s Mongolians.

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100% FreshRotten Tomatoes

Visually stimulating throughout… Director-cinematographer Lieberman — whose other collaborations with producer Deborah Hoard include 2012’s clandestinely filmed They Call It Myanmar, about imprisoned democratic activist Aung San Suu Kyi— exhibits a boundless intellectual curiosity that will please viewers ” – Golden Globe Awards Review

Lieberman’s feature is fascinating and engaging. ” – Film Threat

Spectacular Cinematography... a fascinating incursion onto Mongolian history, culture and politics.” – RKS Film

Absolutely, the best documentary ever made on Mongolia…Digs past the stereotypes. I think this will be important long into the future.” – Michael Klecheski, United States Ambassador to Mongolia

Director Robert H. Lieberman talks about his documentary ECHOES OF THE EMPIRE: BEYOND GENGHIS KHAN” – filmsgonewild

Interview with Director Robert H. Lieberman Eye for Film

The documentary shows that Mongolia is not a country stuck in the past or a place that wants to hide from the world anymore.” – Battle Royale With Cheese
 Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan
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The Producers

Robert Lieberman - Director/Producer.

Robert H. Lieberman is a best-selling novelist and film director. He is also a longtime member of the Physics faculty at Cornell University. Lieberman has six published novels: his newest is The Boys Of Truxton. His previous films, Angkor Awakens & They Call It Myanmar, were each named New York Times Critics' Picks and They Call It Myanmar was named one of the top dozen documentaries of 2012 by Roger Ebert.

Deborah C. Hoard - Producer/Story

Deborah C. Hoard has been a producer and director at PhotoSynthesis Productions for 25 years. With a strong focus on social justice, her work has won more than 100 international and national media awards.

Deborah was co-producer of They Call it Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain, which the late Roger Ebert called “a thing of beauty… a documentary with all the virtues of a great feature film.”

CIVIL WARRIORS, her most recent film, explores the experiences of 2 black families from upstate New York whose men enlisted in the U.S. Colored Troops and fought in the Civil War.

David Kossack - Editor

David Kossack is a graduate of Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications. Since joining PhotoSynthesis Productions he has worked as an editor and videographer on numerous PSP projects, including editing the award-winning documentary They Call it Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain.

David is also actively involved with The Actor’s Workshop of Ithaca where he teaches acting and has directed several stage productions for the Workshop’s theater company.

Norm Scott - Sound Design and Motion Graphics

Norm Scott got his first tape recorder at the age of five, and has been recording and archiving sound ever since. He likes robots and inventing essential new gadgets with no discernible purpose.

Camilo Nascimento - Illustrator

Camilo Nascimento loves to draw. As a graduate of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, he enjoys fusing traditional art-making methods with new digital media. Under studio title “Camilo Graphics” based in Ithaca, NY, he provides custom design services to clients worldwide.

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