Clown's Planet

The magic of activist clowns, and their fight for a better world

Clown's Planet Clowns bring us light relief; we don't take them seriously. Activists on the other hand, who fight for what they believe in, garner our respect and admiration. Director Hector Carre dives into the rarefied world of 'activist clowns' like the iconic Patch Adams. From refugee camps in the Holy land to hospitals and orphanages in Russia, this is a global journey into the healing powers of clowns on a mission. Can the combination of humor and the will to fight for justice make for an activist with added impact?


LaurelParnü Documentary and Science Film Festival | Winner | Silver Award of the Estonian People
Laurel New Haven Documentary Film Festival | Official Seleciton
Laurel Ourense Film Festival | Official Selection
Laurel Rome Independent Film Festival | Official Selection
Laurel Festival internacional de Cine Político | Official Selection

 Clown's planet
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The Producers

Héctor Carré - Director and Producer

Héctor Carré is a writer and film director with a long trajectory in international film festivals around the world such as Festival de cine de San Sebastian, Raindance, Mostra de cinema de Sao Paulo, New Haven Documentary film festival, Rome Independent film festival, etc. He was also nominated as best new director in Spain´s Goya film awards and he won best director in Porto, and Silver award of Estonian people in Parnü. His fiction and documentary films have been released internationally in Tv networks and OTT platforms. He also published in Galician language four novels and tale books translated to Spanish and English.

Hector has also worked in the direction crews in more than 20 feature films working in films of Spaniard directors such as Jaime Chávarri, Pedro Olea, Mario Camus, and internationals as Steven Spielberg or Terry Gillian.

Making The Film

Making of Clown's Planet
During the shooting of Clown’s Planet, the director followed diverse groups of activist clowns in various places of the world. The story was not written yet. He had to understand the meaning of clown’s work watching them, talking to them, and trying to figure out the influence of their actions in the lives of the audiences and the people involved in the shows. The shooting crew was extremely reduced, the director and himself, so the reflections about the importance or not of a particular event had to be shared with a fast making of decisions about what should be shot and how in the middle of a lot of fluent and chaotic situations. Armed with light shooting equipment he walked through refugee camps in Palestine, hospitals in Moscow and churches devoted to a robber duck in Madrid, trying to understand why the clowns did what they did. Finally, forced by Patch Adams, he had to become a clown himself to discover all the ancient secrets hidden in the mind of a joker.

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