Silent Terror

Life inside Russian-occupied Kherson

Silent Terror In Southern Ukraine, the port city of Kherson was the first major city to fall to Moscow's forces. Held hostage in their own homes, the people of Kherson have endured psychological horrors beyond imagination. Here, sometimes the silence is more frightening than the shelling. Some have escaped but are terrified to relate what they witnessed for fear of their families and relatives left behind. This documentary recounts the harrowing experience of invasion and occupation.
 Silent Terror
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The Producers

Ielyzaveta Tatarinova - Director, Producer and Journalist

Ielyzaveta Tatarinova, from Poltava, Ukraine, graduated from the Institute of Journalism of Kyiv National University. She has been working on television as a correspondent and producer of Ukrainian and world TV channels since 1998. In 2010, she became the founder and head of TTB-Studio, which specializes in the production of documentaries. Author and director of a dozen documentaries, including: 'Odesa Tragedy' (2016), '100 Days Over the Abyss' (2018), 'Ukraine. The Evolution of Dignity' (2019), and 'Mariupol. The Chronicles of Hell' (2022).

Illia Makarenko - Editor and Writer

Illia Makarenko was born in Ukraine's Donetsk region. He graduated from the film directing faculty of the Institute of Screen Arts (Kyiv, Ukraine), and since 2012 has been working on television as a screenwriter and director of documentaries. His credits include: screenwriter and editor of the documentary 'We Still Have to Survive' and screenwriter for documentary 'Independence 30: Where We Are Not' He's also the author of the novel 'Magnum' - a BBC Book of the Year Award 2021 finalist.

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