Tukdam: Between Worlds

A journey through life and death

Tukdam: Between Worlds Most of us regard death as something clear-cut, fully explicable by medical science. Yet in what Tibetan Buddhists call tukdam, advanced meditators die consciously, their bodies remaining lifelike and preserved for days, sometimes weeks after clinical death. Mingling scientific and spiritual perspectives, this is a groundbreaking exploration of a mystery which bridges life and death.

 Tukdam: Between Worlds
(2022) on IMDb

The Producers

Donagh Coleman - Director

Finnish-Irish-American filmmaker Donagh Coleman has produced award-winning films with wide international festival and TV exposure including A Gesar Bard's Tale and Stone Pastures. A number of his films have been shown at museums such as MoMA, as well as by the European Commission. Besides films and TV-docs, Donagh also directs radio documentaries for Finnish and Irish national broadcasters. He is currently completing a PhD in medical anthropology at UC Berkeley, continuing research conducted for Tukdam.

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