The Massacre at Bucha

The town recovering from one of the worst massacres in the Ukraine-Russian war

The Massacre at Bucha The massacre of hundreds of civilians by Russian forces in Bucha, Ukraine, shocked the world. It was one in a series of atrocities labelled war crimes by officials and organisations around the world.
Fifty-six year old Galyna Tovkach has lived in Bucha all her life. In March 2022, Galyna's husband was killed in a massacre at Bucha. The killings saw Russia accused of war crimes. 'Bucha was a beautiful city with lots of flowers and greenery. The city was growing and prosperous', says Galyna, whose husband was killed when a Russian APC opened fire on their car. 'Even when our car had stopped, they continued to shoot. They never stopped'. As reports emerged of the atrocity at Bucha, which saw over 450 people killed, foreign leaders visited the city out of solidarity. 'We have seen the cruel face of Putin's army', stated European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen.

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