Neutron Bomb

How the deadliest bomb in the world almost came to be

Neutron Bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer was known as the father of the atomic bomb, Edward Teller was known as the father of the Hydrogen Bomb and Sam Cohen was known as the father of the Neutron Bomb.

In the late 1950s, an idea was conceived of a bomb which would maximize damage to people, but minimize damage to buildings and vital infrastructure: perfect for an occupying army. This is the story of a man and his bomb. A melding of world events and scientific discovery inspire the motivations of the self-professed creator of the Neutron Bomb—one of the most-hated nuclear weapons ever invented.

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 Neutron Bomb
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The Producers

Peter Kuran - Director and Producer

Peter Kuran is the award-winning creator of the documentary feature Trinity and Beyond -The Atomic Bomb Movie, narrated by William Shatner. Neutron Bomb is Kuran’s fifth atomic documentary, joining Atomic Filmmakers, Atomic Journeys, 'Nukes in Space’ and 'Nuclear 911' in the VCE Films/ AtomCentral Productions catalog. Kuran’s successful career creating photographic and visual effects beginning with the original Star Wars at age 18 includes work on over 300 theatrical motion pictures with his role as creative principal and founder of visual effects company VCE. In 2003, Kuran won an Academy Award® in the Scientific and Technical Achievement category for his RCI® Film Color Restoration Process. Drawing on his film restoration expertise and extensive knowledge of the photographic documentation of atmospheric nuclear testing 1945-1963, Kuran is currently a film consultant for special projects at the U.S. government’s national laboratories.

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