A young Vietnamese woman pursues her passion

Muôi Despite a tumultuous childhood, a complicated present as a queer single mom navigating the limitations of a restrictive and traditional Vietnamese culture, and the daunting prospects of a bleak future, Muội Hồng persists in dreaming of life as an artist. She finds healing, strength, expression, community, meaning, and authenticity in her pursuit of hip hop dancing.
Muội discovered dance at a young age, which helped her escape a life of delinquency and drugs in her neighbourhood. She dreams of making it her career. ‘In Vietnam, at the age of 27, people think you are close to middle age, and they keep nagging me about my life choices’, says Muội. ‘It is money that talks here. When I don’t have money, I don’t have the right to speak’, she says. She finds healing and community in her pursuit of hip hop dancing.

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