The legacy of the Troubles still lingering over Northern Ireland

Troubled While the overt violence and conflict associated with the Troubles may have subsided since the Good Friday Agreement, it is true that many people in Northern Ireland continue to be affected by the legacy of the conflict. This includes individuals who were directly impacted by the violence, as well as those who continue to struggle with the social, economic, and political consequences of the conflict. While the actual violence and conflict may have ended, the legacy of the Troubles still lingers on in Northern Ireland; many are still struggling to come to terms with what happened and find a way to move forward. Through this lens, the film highlights the fact that the effects of conflict can last for generations, and that the healing process can be a long and difficult journey. By showcasing the lived reality of this legacy, the film helps to bring attention to the ongoing struggles and challenges faced by people in Northern Ireland, and can help to foster greater understanding and empathy among viewers.

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