Inside Russia: Traitors and Heroes

A rare inside account of Russia's citizen dissidents

Inside Russia: Traitors and Heroes Despite the huge risks, two Russian film-makers have been filming the impact of the invasion of Ukraine in their country. Some dissenting Russians are doing their best to make their voices heard; others, fearing retribution, have no choice but to flee the country.

Inside Russia: Traitors and Heroes (2023) on IMDb
Nina Belyaeva is a local politician in Voronezh who has denounced leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church for blessing the war. "This is nothing to do with the Christian faith" she stated. Nina's comments drew criticism, but she also received overwhelming support for her bravery. Eventually, though, she was forced to leave. Uliana, whose brother Vanya died fighting for Russia, worries that she could be arrested at any time for the most trivial things that might be interpreted as support for Ukraine. She thinks, "they'll arrest me for my blue jeans and yellow umbrella." Disillusioned, she argues with her father, who is pro-Russia, about the legitimacy of the war. Misha and Alla are podcasters trying to generate discussion within the limits of what is safe. "As citizens of Russia, can we influence events?" they ask people on the street. The response is deflated. "I don't know," says one man, "I can't change anything myself."

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