Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

What becomes of love and grief in our disconnected digital age?

Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Jade McCann, an enigmatic and multi-talented Irish influencer, is diagnosed with terminal cancer only 3 weeks after her father, Anthony. Bringing the family's struggles into the public domain, Jade's social media presence generates both community and alienation. Does social media provide a lasting legacy, or a delusion of belonging in a world of empty connections?

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Festivals and Awards
Laurel Dublin International Film Festival | Audience Award | Winner
LaurelRaindance Film Festival | Official Selection
LaurelRadharc Award for Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking | Winner

The Producers

John Connors – Director

John Connors is an Irish Traveller actor, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and playwright. His documentary series, John Connors: The Travellers, won the 2018 IFTA for Best Documentary Series. In the documentary Connors called on the Irish government to formally recognise Travellers as a distinct Irish indigenous ethnic minority, which happened later that year. In his speech, he criticised successive Irish governments for assimilation policies and institutionalised discrimination against Irish Travellers. Connors's directorial feature documentary debut, Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, won the audience award at the 2020 Dublin International Film Festival. In 2017 John was named in the Fifty Incredible People Who Are Shaping Ireland by the Irish Independent and he was also named as one of the "Twenty Twenty-somethings That Could Influence Ireland and the World" by The Irish Times.

Tiernan Williams – Producer, DOP, Editor

Tiernan Williams is a multi-award winning Producer, Writer, Director and Editor. A qualified psychotherapist, Tiernan is an expert in the use of psychology and expressive filmmaking. His advanced knowledge of human behaviour, emotion and communication allows him to cater to a wide audience on a visceral level with his filmmaking style. He won the Virgin Media Discovers screen writing competition in 2019, the most prestigious in Ireland. Since then he has created successful formats that have received international acclaim. Tiernan produced, shot and edited the feature documentary Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, winning the audience award at the 2020 Dublin International Film Festival and the prestigious Radharc Award for excellence in documentary filmmaking in 2021.

Making The Film

Filmed over the course of a year and a half, this documentary looks behind Jade's online personae, as she comes to terms with her own mortality. Jade learns to understand how the power of love can overcome one of life's biggest fears. Jade essentially uses social media to help her deal with life's problems, yet this has become a double edged sword, especially when beauty masks an internal struggle with disease. Her identity as a cancer patient on Instagram has left her with many existential questions as her illness progresses. Her unique journey is a sort of modern day "Truman Show."

Jade's bravery is outstanding, living her life online, by her own rules, fighting cancer in her own unique way . Jade and her father have to deal with their own mortality individually, but also to come together to support one another. A daughter and father fighting with all their might to not just survive, but trying to thrive in spite of overwhelming odds.

Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day ultimately ponders a distinctively human dilemma. At what point does one choose ..... "Not to go gentle into that good night, but to rage, rage against the dying of the light" – Dylan Thomas.

John Connors, Director

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