Ukraine's Stolen Children

The harrowing search for the Ukrainian children taken into Russia

Ukraine's Stolen Children Thousands of Ukrainian children, some of them orphans, were taken to Russia after the war started. Many were sent to recreational camps in Russia by their parents to escape the shelling; they were then stuck there, sometimes for months, waiting for their mothers to bring them back. Others were fostered into Russian families, led to believe that Russia had saved them after their parents had abandoned them. This remarkable doc explores the journey of these children, and the parents trying to bring them home.

Ukraine's Stolen Children (2023) on IMDb

The Producers

Shahida Tulaganova – Director and Producer

Shahida Tulaganova, producer/director, has more than 20 years of experience in news, current affairs and documentary film with the BBC (UK), Channel 4 (UK), and RFE/RL (Czech Republic). She has produced a number of documentary films, two of which won major prizes: Airport Donetsk and How to Plan A Revolution. Shahida is also an experienced war reporter. She reported from Occupied Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Turkey, and Somalia as well as across the Caucasus, Ukraine and Central Asia. She is also known for the BBC Panorama feature My Fake Passports And Me, an investigation into passport forgery in Europe.

Alex Cooke – Executive Producer

Alex Cooke co-founded Renegade Pictures and was its CEO and an active director and Executive Producer from its launch. As the company’s CEO she showed commercial acumen and an eye for an opportunity. She had previously co-founded and ran The Big Issue with John Bird.

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