Four Died Trying

Four extraordinary lives. Four calamitous deaths.

Four Died Trying The opening instalment of an unprecedented multi-part documentary series, filmed primarily from the vantage point of their children, close associates, and witnesses to their assassinations. Four Died Trying considers the "turning” President John Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Senator Robert Kennedy were making in the last year or so of their lives. Were they embracing ever-broader conceptions of the struggle for peace, social change and economic justice, and what forces may have stirred in opposition? What lessons do their lives and deaths hold for us today, as the world once again trembles on the cliff of an uncertain future?

The Producers

John Kirby - Director, Libby Handros - Producer

After a long string of award-winning productions for major broadcast outlets, Director John Kirby and Producer Libby Handros joined forces twenty years ago to make the festival-darling BBC classic The American Ruling Class, starring Harper's Magazine editor Lewis Lapham. Most recently, they defied the censors to produce Perspectves on the Pandemic, a series of interviews with epidemiologists and physicians who had questions about the science behind the Covid response.

Libby Handros - Producer

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