Sexual Abuse in the Abbey

Exposing Child Abuse In The Catholic Church

Sexual Abuse in the Abbey After long escaping scandal, the Saint-Maurice Abbey was seemingly immune to cases of sexual abuse in the Church. Now, nine priests are accused of pedocriminality. This RTS doc investigates how the system failed so many victims, and the web of corruption which is now falling apart.
Cases were often ignored, or concealed by hierarchy in the institution. “The victims are numerous, but no one has ever believed their testimonies.” Even though many children came forward at the time of their abuse, even if their cases made it to court, they were often thrown out. “Things are hushed up, victims are passed off as crazy, to the point where they dare not speak.” Now, the secret can no longer be contained within abbey walls, but for those victims who came forward years ago, and had their cases thrown out, the botched investigations are more than just an error: Melanie, who was assaulted at 12, asserts, “I was dead inside, I had to actually try for justice, to make myself heard, to speak.”

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