Crypto: Who Wants To Lose Millions?

Inside the trade of Europe's prolific crypto-scammers

Crypto: Who Wants To Lose Millions? The media and social networks love success stories of celebrities who have become millionaires in a few clicks thanks to crypto-currencies. Scammers have taken advantage of this phenomenon: siphoning off the savings of many people who think they're making investments.
Scam-artists, disguised as crypto-currency investors, are increasingly capitalising on the growing trend of online currency investment. "Some people invest 250 frs, and discover the deception, but most people, give in excess of 100,000 francs" says Adrien Schopfer, a Swiss cybercrime investigator. "Now hundreds of thousands have left my account, and I can't get them back" says a victim of a fraudulent investing platform. Across Europe, measures are being taken to arrest perpetrators, but the return of lost money is not guaranteed: "once these funds are found, they might get only a bit back" Schopfer affirms.

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