Norwegian Democrazy

Where is the boundary between free speech and hate speech?

Norwegian Democrazy A deep dive into the fiery intersection of free speech and hate speech, spotlighting the contentious actions of SIAN, an Islam-critical group whose incendiary protests incite fierce debates and necessitate extensive police protection. Through exclusive access, the film intimately follows SIAN's leader, Lars Thorsen, and his associate, Fanny Bråten, alongside the endeavors of anti-racist activist Axel and his allies. As tensions escalate and violence looms, the documentary grapples with pivotal inquiries regarding the exploitation of free speech for spreading hatred and the intricate challenges confronting democratic societies in confronting extremism.

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Festivals and Awards

LaurelHot Docs | Official Selection
LaurelDOK.fest Munich | Official Selection
LaurelHuman International Documentary Film Festival | Official Selection

Reviews and More

This is a documentary that can’t help but leave a deep impression. It is just so well made. It is a masterpiece.” – Modern Times Review

Simply put, Norwegian Democrazy is one of the most powerful documentations of the grey areas of public discourse...a triumph of documentary filmmaking.” – POV Magazine

An eye-opening glimpse of provocation for provocation’s own sake, which is laid bare in a battle for democracy on the streets.” – Business Doc Europe

Fabien Greenberg and Bård Kjøge’s powerful documentary is more urgent than ever” – Cineuropa

The Edge of Democrazy: Interview with Fabien Greenberg and Bård Kjøge – POV Magazine

The Producers

Fabien Greenberg - Director & Producer

Award-winning Norway-based French director and producer, BA in Film & Photography, Napier University, Edinburgh. His school exam film was shown in the Cinefondation Programme at the Cannes Film Festival. Co-founder of Antipode Films.

Bård Kjøge Rønning - Director & Producer

Award-winning Norwegian writer and
filmmaker, MA in Religious History,
University of Oslo. Co-founder of
Antipode Films.

Making The Film

This film has been three years in the making. Gaining access step by step, closer and closer into the conflict between freedom of speech and hate speech, the filmmakers embarked on a journey of investigative, creative journalism. The film now stands as a living witness to one of the most heated debates of our time, played and fought out at the street level. ‘Norwegian Democrazy’ bypasses the usual journalistic approach to hate and racism. We delve deeper, seeking to understand their roots through an observational lens. This isn't a dry analysis; it's an emotional and intellectual rollercoaster that confronts viewers with these urgent and controversial issues.

Fabien Greenberg – Director

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