0:00 Establishing Shots, Tianananmen Square, sun set, marching, tourists, monument, chinese flag
0:40 ARCHIVAL Tanks moving
0:47 ARCHIVAL Troops marching past sitting protestors
0:53 ARCHIVAL soldier shoots pistol repeatadly
0:55 ARCHIVAL Protestors on bikes fleeing
0:59 ARCHIVAL Tank moves through burnt out bus barrier
1:36 ARCHIVAL Armoured Troop carrier, Tanks and burning busses
2:10 Reconstructed sequence with already featured archival footage overlayed
2:34 ARCHIVAL PM Bob Hawke crying during speech
2:38 ARCHIVAL Student protestors on bikes and making peace signs
2:47 ARCHIVAL Body of Zhou Enlai in Mausoleum
2:56 ARCHIVAL Press at Mausoleum
3:08 ARCHIVAL Students gathered and peacefully protesting
3:26 ARCHIVAL Protestors with statue "Goddess of Democracy"
4:14 ARCHIVAL Protestors with flags, chanting
5:27 ARCHIVAL Army entering city in troop carriers
8:25 ARCHIVAL Protestor shouting, panicked. Local protestors talking to military-cordial and polite. Stressful ruckus
9:57 ARCHIVAL Zhai Ziyang talking into megaphone
11:54 ARCHIVAL Night troop carriers moving, ambulances leaving the area.
12:41 ARCHIVAL Rogue APC crashes and is burnt with soldiers inside
13:23 ARCHIVAL Troop trucks descend on square
14:03 ARCHIVAL Troops firing into crowd, fleeing, evacuation of casualties on bikes, crying, grieving
14:29 ARCHIVAL Troops in control of city
14:46 ARCHIVAL Tankman footage
15:46 ARCHIVAL Chinese military patroling
17:40 ARCHIVAL Australian embassy in Beijing
20:48 ARCHIVAL Tanks moving, military in the street
23:36 ARCHIVAL PM Bob Hawke receives phonecall in front of press, gives speech about the news he has just received
25:17 ARCHIVAL Embassy staff board plane.

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