Before the Revolution

The untold story of the Israeli paradise in Iran

Before the Revolution Today they may be sworn enemies, but in the 60s and 70s thousands of Israelis lived in Iran. Protected by arms deals and complex financial ties, the Israelis enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, wilfully blind to the corruption they supported. But in '79 the expat's "Persian paradise" was shattered by the Islamist revolution. Using rare archive and interviews, this fascinating doc cleverly exposes the thrilling, dark reality of a forgotten slice of history.

Stroop: Journey into the Rhino Horn War (2018) on IMDb

"Visually stunning..." - Time Out

"One cannot overemphasise the contribution of this film to better understanding the relations between Iran and Israel..." - Lior Sternfeld, 972 Magazine

Laurel Official Selection, HOTDOCS, 2013


The Producers

Dan Shadur, Director
A graduate of the Film and Television Department in Tel Aviv University, Dan began his career as a writer and editor for some of the main newspapers in Israel, before shifting into Film and TV making. Dan founded and was chief editor of the cultural section of Globes - Israel's leading financial newspaper, and founded Shadurian Publisher's – a publishing house for cutting edge literature from Israeli and international writers. In the last couple of years he has made shorts, video clips and various works for TV, including 30 minute fiction film "Sunburn".

Barak Heymann, Producer
Barak joined Heymann Brothers Films in 2003. Together with his brother Tomer, he has produced and directed an impressive number of well received documentaries (some as international co-productions), which have won major awards at different prestigious film festivals, such as Berlinale, Hotdocs, IDFA and others.

Making The Film

Dan Shadur: "Before the Revolution is the product of a long and exciting journey that helped me get a little bit closer to my parents, their dreams and their values as a young Israeli couple confronted by a rare, hugely significant and historic event. On the eve of a potential war between Israel, the West and Iran I hope that this film will enable the Israeli and Western viewer to think a little differently about the people we are used to viewing as enemies; about our responsibility for a history of oppression and that the price of our comfortable lifestyle often claims on other peoples’ lives."

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