Life at 50°C: Australia & Mexico

Wildfire and drought ravage Australia and Mexico

Life at 50°C: Australia & Mexico Australia is one of the countries already seeing an increase in the number of extremely hot days because of climate change, with places like Sydney experiencing temperatures around 50C. The intense heat has led to unusually strong bushfires and some indigenous species dying en masse. This new reality is hitting home for many who are forced to defend their homes from the wildfires and are finding cities too hot to live in. In North America, the Colorado river used to flow through northern Mexico but, where once people used to fish and swim there is now a sandy river bed. And, while climate change is making the area hotter, and drying up the river, activists say that the US is holding water upstream, preventing it from making its way to Mexico and they are fighting to have water returned to the river. Last year, in the region, 422 people were treated for heat related illnesses, 27 of those people died.

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