Duty of Care

China's dementia crisis

Duty of Care Zhen remembers her wedding day well. When her father gave his speech, he urged her to have two children. But now Zhen is unsure whether she even wants to have one. Not long after her wedding, Zhen’s father Liang was diagnosed with dementia. He was in his 50s. Now Zhen and her mother are caring for Liang full time. And Zhen doesn’t want to impose that burden on her children. It’s a problem many families in China are grappling with. As the population ages, dementia is on the rise. But there’s little awareness of the disease and few government services. In China more than 96% of people with the condition are looked after by their families. The obligation to care for your elders is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. We take you inside three families stretched to the limit as they do their best to look after a loved one with dementia.

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