Duty of Care

China's dementia crisis

Duty of Care In China, many families are being stretched to their limit as they care for elderly relatives with dementia. There's little awareness about the disease, and few government services to provide support.
In China 96% of people diagnosed with Dementia are looked after by their families - often with no external support. 'The symptoms are showing up but they’re not taken as something that needs medical attention', says social worker Wang Shihong. Shihong founded Xianhe Social Work Group to help those overburdened by care, like Xing Dengyn. 'I’d like to go out, but I can’t leave her alone', says Dengyun, who cares for his mother. Many families have considered professional care, but struggle with a deep sense of duty: 'As soon as I contemplate it, I feel I can’t do it. That’s probably the traditional Chinese concept of filial piety, of keeping your parents with you'.

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